Houston, We Have A Problem

       Ami's Mommy moved in with Ami several months ago and we're in the process of selling her house. On one of our routine visits we noticed a leak in the basement coming from a pipe in the rafters. Great. The house is almost empty. All Mom's possessions are up at OUR house. Including the tools.

What to do? I investigated. Up on the ladder I went (NOT my favorite thing), head wedged between the heating ducts, and came nose to nose with the drip.

This is some DRIP. It was plopping about one drop per second. Quite rhythmically, too.

Was I going to attempt to turn off the water by twisting that antique and corroded spigot? Not on your life. My luck it would have come off in my hands!

Armed with nothing but what was left in the basement, I did my best McGyver impersonation and snagged an old length of hose from the dehumidifier, a pair of scissors, and a manly roll of duct tape. (At least I knew enough not to call it DUCK tape.)

I carefully cut the hose end into a pleasing angle, propped it up against the protrusion on the pipe, which was pretending to be the fountain, and secured it in place with the duct tape.

Then I duct-taped the rest of the hose to the heating vent that goes against the wall to keep the hose stable. Noticing that whatever Steve fixes with duct tape usually doesn't stay fixed, I left a bucket strategically placed just in case.

I taped the hose to the floor…

…and stuffed it down the drain some 15 feet away from the drip!


Don't worry, I'm keeping my day job.