Just Trying To Help

Just Trying To Help
My friend Cole is a charming young man, a very talented woodworker, and a newlywed. He and Kellie have a problem kitty. As men so often do, they try to fix things.

Cole writes:
"Let me remind you of my cat problem. The issue is the cat's desire to not go downstairs and use the litter box. Also the dog who thinks that cat cr*p is a nice and tasty chocolate treat. Anyway I had to do something. The litter box on the floor upstairs was not cutting it. Plus if the cat decided to use the litter box for something other than # 1, the house would smell for the longest time. As you can see by the pictures I solved this problem.

"Kellie is not fond of it though, I mean it is what it is. You’ll notice in the pictures that there is a metal box on one of the shelves. This is an exhaust fan. It actually vents straight through the wall and outside. No more smelly house. By the way the vent is just for looks."

Male readers are no doubt, confused. What's the fuss? Looks great. The vent on top is a nice decorative touch. Female readers are wondering how long it took Kellie to grab the nearest frying pan and bean Cole on the head with it. Instead, Kellie just sent him back to the drawing board.