June 2012

June 2012
The Ami Simms Newsletter

Yes, that's me hanging out of a second story window. I'm not trying to do myself in, I'm just washing windows. Not all of them. Just three windows. I don't want to make this a hobby. Every decade I pick three windows to wash. I'm lying. I never wash windows, not even once a decade. But, my daughter is getting married and tomorrow I'm having a bridal shower here in the house. I felt compelled to wash the windows. The ones people might see and try to look out of.

My @Home Classroom has been transformed into a BSV (Bridal Shower Venue). Here's the "before" picture.

You'll have to wait until next week to read my blog that will undoubtedly have an "after" picture.

The wedding is at the end of the month, and no my dress isn't done yet. I have most of the parts, but I haven't started. Jennie's dress is ready to walk down the aisle only because I didn't make it. She bought it. Smart woman.

I just have one presentation this month, and that's for the Thornapple River Rippers Quilt Guild in Hastings, Michigan on Tuesday. If you'd like to come, email Sharon at sagski@yahoo.com for more details.

I am totally free in July and August so if your guild needs a last minute speaker or if you want to schedule a class in the BSV (after it is returned to the @Home Classroom) just let me know.

I've got the first week in December open too and I'm thinking Florida. Anybody interested?

No kidding, I was in yesterday's paper. I ran into one of my fellow "mall-walkers" at the grocery store and he said, "Hey, you're in the paper today!" I pretended I didn't hear him because there were four other people in the cereal aisle and I wanted to make sure they knew too and he repeated it.

Getting in the paper doesn't happen very often and it's a BIG DEAL, so I wanted to get as much mileage out of it as possible. It's nice being famous in the grocery store.

Actually, the same article came out online last week, so I technically got to be in the paper twice. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Read all about ME.

Thank goodness he has time on his paws. He's such a big help. Read his blog and then read the one I wrote the day before. It will be right below Scooter's.

There's an attorney here in town by the name of Daniel J. Andoni. Each month he donates 3% of his net profits to a local charity. (Wow!) He asks people who visit his website to pick which charity gets the money. There are five different charities listed every month. Guess which charity is listed this month: The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative!!!!!

Please vote for us and then ask your friends to vote too.

If everyone reading this newsletter voted for the AAQI, we'd have it all sewn up. We'd win! The AAQI would receive a most generous donation. It's super easy, you don't have to register or make up another password. Takes 2 seconds. Takes three seconds if you go check and see if we're still winning.

We need every single vote. Please. Here's that URL again: http://www.attorneyandoni.com/Giving_Back.html

Special thanks to Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims from The Quilt Show for making Episode 712 about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative free for the next several months. Watch it here.

The Quilting Gallery is a community web site dedicated to inspiring quilters' creativity, sharing ideas, making connections and having fun. It includes the Quilting Bloggers directory with more than 5,200 members from 77 countries; the Learning Center hosted by Pat Sloan; the Quilt Shop Locator - a unique map-based directory of quilt shops, online retailers and others throughout the world; Quilter's Market features quilting-related products; a map-based directory of Quilt Guilds; and the Quilting Gallery Blog with free patterns, tutorials, swaps, guest bloggers, weekly contests and quilting events. We'll also be hosting a Beginner's Quilt-Along starting in June... come learn from us!

Visit the Quilting Gallery.

Thanks for reading my newsletter. See you again July 1st.

Don't forget to vote for the AAQI!

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