June 2011

June 2011
The Ami Simms Newsletter
June 1, 2011

If you like the alligator, there are a few more pictures on my FaceBook page of my recent trip through the Florida Everglades along with an almost daily string of quips and comments, pictures and links. Take a look.

Or, if you don't like alligators, see me all wrapped up in one of my Twisted Sisters quilts.
If daily doses of Ami on FaceBook are just too much, check out my blog. My nephew Mason just got a quilt with a fleece backing (and no batting); I've been making yo-yo's on airplanes when I travel; and I shared my grandmother's recipe for Russian Cream---and life!
For those of you new to the newsletter, this is my "rite of spring:" When the weather finally warms up, I dye my underpants. Several years ago I offered to dye your undies too. More than 100 pair of your unmentionables came in the mail! I dyed them and hung them in the pine trees in the backyard to dry.

This year I dyed 86 pairs of panties. If you followed directions and wrote your name in the waistband of your underpants with a juicy, black, permanent marker then your underpants will be winging their way back to you today. (The mail carrier just picked them up!) If not, perhaps someone else's underpants will be making a visit to your home.

There will be at least one more underwear dying adventure this summer, probably in mid-June, so if you've always wanted to join the Sisterhood but you were too shy, don't put it off, get in on the fun.

PS: TF, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. One pair of your panties got stuck kind of high in the tree and I didn't notice they were AWOL until we started packing them up this morning. I still have to bake them, then wash and fluff.
AMI-DYED CLOTHESLINE I also dyed about 50 yards of clothesline for making "fabric" bowls (without the fabric!) Yeah, that could use some explanation. Here's where to find the hand dyed clothesline AND the "bowling" tutorial. All will become clear.
The last quilt listed in the June online auction to benefit the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative was made by Yours Truly. It's called "The Shirt Off Her Back." The "her" is my very good friend Marsha McCloskey and she gave me one of her blouses so that I could make a quilt out of it.

If you're a fan of Marsha's (or of mine), or you just want to have some excitement in your life as you support the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, head over to the June online auction and let's get the bidding going!
Read about the AAQI in the August 2011 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. That's the current issue. It's not hard to remember the page number: PAGE ONE!
I'm looking forward to visiting with quilters in Indiana and Ohio this month. Will I see you at the River Bend Quilt Guild in South Bend? Spinning Spools Quilt Guild in Auburn? The Common Threads Quilt Guild in Columbus? Check here for lecture dates and times, workshop openings, and more details.
A belated thank-you to Nita Hinshaw for the wonderful book. Please email me so I have a way to thank you properly. Unless I did already and have forgotten. It happens.
1) The Mountain is a 3-minute time-lapse movie made by Terje Sorgjerd and filmed between 4th and 11th April 2011. It was filmed from El Teide, Spain's highest mountain. The colors are phenomenal. Somebody ought to make fabric from these images. (And the music isn't bad either!)

2) The Dog Tease will delight and amaze you. I dare you to watch it just once.

3) Scott Weaver recreated the city of San Francisco using 100,000 toothpicks. It took him more than 35 years! And people say quilters are nuts because we spend all our time chopping up fabric only to sew it back together again when we could have gone to Kmart and bought something that plugs in an heats up!
I don't remember everything, so I was writing about the toothpick video and I thought I might have already shared it with you in a past newsletter. I wasn't sure. So, I did a quick search for "toothpick" on www.AmiSimms.com where you can find newsletters all the way back to May of 2000, in case you're an insomniac. Didn't find the video, but I did find this tidbit which you might enjoy reading. It's about buying a train ticket from Milan to Venice when Jennie and I had a mother-daughter adventure to Italy in 2005.
EARRINGS Just a quick heads up. Some of the earring designs we've been carrying on the web page will be leaving. They'll be replaced in a few weeks with new designs. So if you've been hesitating and don't want to miss out, snag 'em while you can. It's summer; show your lobes!
SIX DEGREES OF SEPERATION I've lost track of quilter Barb Lamb, from Baton Rouge, LA. Her quilt, "It's Like Grandpa's Memories Have Been Sucked Away…" was in the first AAQI traveling exhibit, "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece." Does anyone have a current email, phone, or address?
Need an excuse to spend a fun weekend in NYC this summer? The Alliance for American Quilts is holding three linked fundraising events in Manhattan on August 5 and 6, all designed to both celebrate and support their mission of documenting and sharing the stories of quilts and their makers.

On Friday evening, attend an intimate gathering in a Garment District loft that explores the current Modern Quilt Guild movement. Saturday afternoon there is a packed schedule at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), featuring everyone from Marianne Fons to Project Runway winner (and quilt fabric designer) Jay McCarroll. The day ends with a cocktail party at the awesome City Quilter fabric shop. Buy a ticket to any of the three events, and you'll get a discount at the official hotel, the new Fashion District Hilton. Sweet deal! All the info you need is at www.AllianceForAmericanQuilts.org .
Thanks for clicking and reading my June newsletter. Hope you have a wonderful month of quilting and creative fun.

I'll be back in your inbox come July! Meanwhile, please forward me to a friend.

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