July 2012

July 2012
The Ami Simms Newsletter
July 2012

Our daughter Jennie got married yesterday. Read all about it! (More on the dress in the next blog.)

Yes, I am now, officially a mother-in-law! I could not be happier! Jennie and Craig (no diet franchise jokes, please) were married yesterday in a beautiful ceremony attended by immediate family in South Haven, Michigan. And I have more than 550 pictures to prove it.

No, Scooter did not attend. But…

The silly 46-second video I shot of Scooter sliding across the kitchen floor last month went viral. In just 21 days "One Tired Dog" has been seen more than 236,000 times. Amazing.

It was picked up by the Huffington Post, AOL, Right This Minute, and the Today Show in Australia. Thanks to all of Scooter's fans for letting me know where they see the video!

Listen to them banter about it here. Here's the link to the TV show where they talk about it. Cool, huh?

Scooter's not the only one getting some national attention…

Hopefully you will be able to read about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative in Woman's Day magazine this October! I was interviewed in mid-June. Cross your fingers, it could be HUGE for the AAQI.

In other AAQI news, the July small quilt online auction began today! Plus we just registered our 11,000th donated Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt. AND, "Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope" will be visiting Colorado this month. More details here.

If you'll be attending Quilt Colorado 2012, they could use a hand, a white-gloved hand. You bring the hand, they've got the glove.

The AAQI exhibit must be staffed by three people at all times the exhibit is open. One person gets to sit at the information table and encourage people to leave comments, and answer questions about the exhibit. (It's not a quiz or anything, so if you don't know an answer you get to call me on my cell phone.)

The other two white-glovers pass out flyers, sticker people (ask first), and offer a hug or a tissue or just a friendly ear. They're on their feet moving around the whole time. And, yes, everybody is "security" for the quilts.

If you've got some time to give, please email Pat Syta at quiltcolorado2012@yahoo.com or call her at 303-829-4604 and volunteer to white glove the AAQI traveling exhibit.

Look by my quilt, Underlying Current, in the New England Quilt Museum's exhibit called Backstitch: A 25-Year Retrospective of Advances & Milestones in Quilting. The exhibit runs from July 12 to October 14, 2012

Who says Flint, Michigan is not a "destination?" Mi casa es su casa. At least during class.

I'm offering two workshops in my @Home Classroom this summer:

Saturday, July 28 — String Quilting
Saturday, August 11 — Son of String Quilting

Early bird discounts available when you purchase the class before July 7th.

Too far from Flint to take a class? No time to set aside a whole day for a workshop? Take my online String Star class! Work at your own pace and still enjoy the fun of being "in class," all without having to schlep your sewing machine. Perfect for night owls, busy quilters, and people who like to sew in their jammies.

I picked four of my favorite tools and discounted them for the next 10 days. Why? Because these are the tools I use every day and they make quilting way more fun. My assistant Debbie is on vacation and she'll be back July 10th. Orders won't go out until then. So, since you have to wait for your order, I thought I'd give you a 10% discount.

1. Bohin Cloth Markers. I love these things. They mark extra fine lines that last a long time, and come out when you're done marking. Helloooo! Why would you want to use anything else?! Great for any line you need to mark on fabric, sewing or quilting. The mechanical pencil is top notch and comes with 6 white refill leads.
Take 10% off. (Orders will be filled after July 10th.)

2.Clover Magnetic Pin Caddy. It's the best magnetic pin caddy around because it has a lid! Plus, you can pick up the pins with your eyes closed (they all orient in the same directions so all the pin shafts are parallel), and it comes in three great colors. Holds pins tight; won't tip over. GREAT for workshops.
Take 10% off. (Orders will be filled after July 10th.)

3.Magnetic Pin & Scissor Spot. Safe for computerized machines, this little magnet is a little workhorse. Suction cup it to the side of your machine and chuck pins at is as you sew. Thwack! They're out of your way. Great place to stash small scissors after you clip those threads too. (They make great gifts.)
Take 10% off. (Orders will be filled after July 10th.)

4.No See Um Quilt Hanging System. Stop putting holes in your wall! Stop waiting around for your husband to hang your quilts for you! Take advantage of brackets that can accommodate various quilt widths with ease. Plus you can hang "install" them like a pro by yourself. No holes. Very adjustable. Best way to display a quilt ever!
Take 10% off. (Orders will be filled after July 10th.)

Thanks for reading my newsletter. See you again August 1st. Until then, I'll catch you on FaceBook.

Ami Simms
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