Judy L.
I have truly embarrassed myself with this picture. I think my son or my husband or my dog must have messed it up because I know it isn't always this bad!

I do have a system . Or, I had a system when we first installed these shelves. The very top shelf is fashion fabric that I purchased at least ten years ago when I still did sewing for my own clothes. I can't reach that shelf (and as you can see, I can't get a chair close enough to the stash to stand on without breaking my neck) so I figured since I'd never touch that fabric and I can't bear to throw it out, the top shelf was the logical spot for it.

Then, everything was organized according to color. Second shelf from top, right side still looks like it might be mostly pinks.Guess I don't use those very often.

There's also a section for all the Moda Marbles that I love. The middle of the middle shelf contains about 25 of the monthly Sweet Treat packets that I stopped getting in 1994 but just can't use. They're so cute!

Does it count for anything that everything is washed and ironed?

Judy L.
Owensboro, KY