Joanne from Idaho
(When you click on this picture it will take a moment longer to load than the others. I wanted you to see the picture in all its glory; nice and big. Trust me, it's worth the wait!---Ami)

I took a quilting course the summer of 1999 and completed my first sampler quilt in September. I was hooked! I started purchasing fabric in 1/2 yard increments -- then increased my purchases to 1 yard and now consider 2 - 3 yards of fabric as a minimum 'stash' purchase. (One never knows where the fabric will be used and it would be a shame to run out!)

I found a closet that was being used for seasonal clothing -- gave most of the clothing to a charity -- and make room for fabric. The closet is now 'overflowing' and I am considering moving my 'stash' to a bigger closet.

I guess the scariest part of this fabric fetish is that I have been acquiring and quilting for less than two years.

Joanne H.