January 2011

January 2011
Earlier this week Steve and I took Debbie to lunch at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Naturally I photographed her food because it looked prettier than mine. (Mine tasted better.) I photograph food a lot. I'm not really sure why. If you think I'm odd, remember that you come all the way over to the web page to look at a picture of a quesadilla….I'm just saying…..

Now, for the regularly scheduled newsletter:

The Ami Simms Newsletter
January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, everyone!

Don't get too close to your monitor to read this; I have a cold. In fact, if you print your newsletter, you might want to wash your hands after you read it. You don't want what I've got.

Oh my! What a trip this has been! Debbie and I worked our fingers to the bone and I am happy to report that everyone who ordered zipper necklaces should have them around their necks by now. The last orders shipped a few days ago. I can't wait to see you in yours; I know you'll look MAH-velous! (And we'll be twins!)

If you forgot to order a zipper necklace or you made new friends since the last newsletter, we have about 100 left. Don't be shy. Order here.

My friend Karen Kay Buckley is quite the quilter. She had her heart set on a special kind of scissors and when she couldn't find them anywhere, she designed her own! They're brand new and they're terrific! You're going to love them!

Watch her little video and learn why they cut so well and why they feel so good in your hands. If you have large fingers or you struggle with arthritis, you'll want to check these out for sure. I love the great colors, the sharp tips, and the protect-o sheath so you can take them to workshops safely. Learn more here.

I'll direct you to the AAQI home page for the most recent news. The online auction started today, we've had very encouraging news with research we have funded, and you can take a peek at the next traveling on The Quilt Show. Follow the links from here.

I've been teaching my cousin Niki how to quilt. It's taken several years because we live in different states and don't get to visit that often. When we do visit, there usually isn't time to quilt. All that's changing thing month when we get a whole day to quilt together.

Niki's first quilt top is completed and Friday, January 28th is the day. Since Niki's Featherweight is not the best machine to machine quilt with, at least if I'm going to show her how, I need to rent time on a longarm or on a "domestic" machine in or very near Jupiter, Florida. Anybody out there have any great ideas? (Hit reply.)

Madison has done quite well in the Petcentric Dog Show Contest, thanks to all his fans who voted for him. I think the contest has already ended, but go take a look anyway.

As far as I can tell, by clicking VIEW ALL and then selecting MOST POPULAR, he's first in my heart, but fourth overall in the contest! Not bad for more than 8,315 entries! And, after looking at the rules it appears that he still has a chance. Public voting counts toward 40% of the total score assigned to each entry. The remaining 60% of the total score will be based on the score assigned by one or more independent judges using the following criteria: Originality/Creativity: 25%, Fit with Theme: 50%, Composition: 25%.

Cross your paws!

I'll be back in your mailbox next month, hopefully without the cold! Until then, for intermittent and random bursts of Ami, join my community of quilters on FACEBOOK by heading over to the link below and clicking the "thumbs up-LIKE" icon at the top of the page. See you there!

Wishing you a healthy and happy new year,
Ami Simms
Mallery Press, Inc.
4206 Sheraton Drive
Flint, MI 48532

Also wishing you would forward this newsletter to two people you know.