Jackie from Michigan
I've been quilting for about 30 years and still have some cottons of the day. After looking at the picture I think I need to clean up a bit. What you see in the picture is only 1/3 of what I have. I have another cupboard on the facing wall and the closet in the room has an old McCall's pattern cabinet with plastic boxes over and pizza boxes on the shelf. Among all that are hoops, batts, and books .. Loads of books.

My hubby doesn't say too much about my stash has he has a garage full of dune buggy parts and a desk full of radio stuff. He's into CB radio. He goes with me to shops and delights in telling anyone who will listen how much fabric I have and how many shops we have been in all over the country.

I love fabric and worked for a time at Joanne's Fabrics where my stash really took off. A few years ago I gave several bags full of double knits and mixed content fabrics to a local church for their over seas mission quilts. I'm still rebuilding ( :-) (Yeah, Right, if you buy that ..... )

South Rockwood, MI