Invisible Applique

Invisible Applique
Explore a new way to hand appliqué where the thread is nearly invisible. Learn by sewing with butt-ugly thread. We won't be making anything pretty in class, but by the time we're done you'll want to run right out and start a king-size Rose of Sharon.

Students will focus on the stitch itself, sewing straight lines and then curves. If time permits, demonstrations of points and V-shapes will be shown. Required Kit ($9) Includes:

Supply List: Scissors (paper and cloth), thimble, and favorite needle if you think you'll hate mine.

Special Room Set-up: I use live video demos to teach this class. In addition to the 8-foot "sale" table at the front of the room, I will need a second 8-foot table for camera and projector. A screen is best, but a large white wall will work. The room must be able to be darkened and everyone needs to be able to face forward to see the demos. "Classroom" style is the best. I run around a lot, so please make sure there is enough room for me to look at everyone's work and visit with each student individually without missing anybody or tripping over tote bags, etc. Please provide an Ott light, or similar.

Skill Level: Beginners on up

Duration: 3.5 hours

Size Limit: 25 students