Housecleaning (December 1997)

I know that peeking inside of wrapped presents is not acceptable behavior for most adults. Nor is lifting and shaking. Weíre supposed to wait until the appointed time, as dictated by family tradition. This is very hard for some of us. There are already TWO boxes with my name on them under the tree. This is either a cruel joke perpetrated by my family and the boxes are really empty, or their contents are really for me. I have suggested that our family tradition be moved up slightly, to maybe, NOW. So far no one else is in agreement.

Interestingly enough, I have found renewed interest in vacuuming these days. During the day when I am alone in the house. Mostly in the living room. Near the tree. Itís surprising what one can learn by innocently vacuuming presents. I donít mean sucking the wrapping off with the drape attachment. I just nudge them a little. Accidentally, as I roll over the pine needles. OK, so I pushed one of the boxes over to the television set and back, but just to see if I was skilled enough to do it. And I was. But I still couldnít tell EXACTLY what was inside. I had a little more luck with the second present until I accidentally caught part of the tree skirt in the vacuum. Thankfully it wrapped around the beater bar several times and jammed which stopped my progress before the tree came down on top of me. I was then forced to make vacuum tracks around the rest of the house to cover MY tracks. This took considerably more time than I had to give, so I guess Iíve opted to wait and get more quilting done instead. (c)1997 by Ami Simms.