Hearts, Gizzards & Kidney Stones

Hearts, Gizzards & Kidney Stones
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If you wonder what I do when I travel, I sew. Stick me in a plane, car, or boat and I’m happy as a clam as long as I have something to stitch. (Without something to do, I go nuts!) Sewing in a moving vehicle is an acquired taste, but if your time is as limited as mine is, I grab any chance I can get, although I do refrain from stitching during landings and take-offs and I only sew in the car when someone else is driving.

I usually hand piece something using my Invisible Appliqué stitch. Yes, you read that correctly, I hand piece using an appliqué stitch. I find it much more accurate. I get to work from the TOP, see if my intersections will be perfect before I complete the seam, I don’t have to flip my work back and forth to make sure I’m “on the line,” and there is never a reason to “set-in” any seams! Best of all the seam allowance is free-floating, not nailed down under one piece or the other and if you were to look at my work, you’d swear I hand HAND PIECED it! (If you want to learn more, check out Invisible Applique. The last third of the book is devoted to HAND PIECING using INVISIBLE APPLIQUE. It’s also pretty slick for regular appliqué, too.

Hearts, Gizzards & Kidney Stones came to be after I saw an antique Hearts & Gizzards quilt at the Whaley Historical House here in Flint. I was into purples and greens and had been collecting for “something” for quite some time, so I thought this might be the perfect project for the road. I added the orange yo-yos with yellow self-covered buttons in the center for a splash of color. That kind of gave me the new name.

I machine pieced the left and right halves of each heart. (I love hand work, but I DO have a life!) The hearts were then “Invisibly Appliqued” to the backgrounds on the road and when I ran out of those I sewed the yo-yos and made the buttons. The blocks were assembled on the machine, but I quilted it over several car trips. It could use a little more quilting, but I got sick of it. Now it’s done. Or, rather, it will be done as soon as I find the last 3 self-covered buttons that I procrastinated over for so long I may have lost them. Knowing that they might yet turn up some place, I hate to go out and BUY more to cover. If I did, as soon as I’d make the replacements, I’d find the originals. Life works that way.

The pattern is available here.

Tip for the day: When flying in airplanes male seatmates often think the armrest between the two of you belongs to them. To change their mind, thread your needle with a very L O N G piece of thread. As long as he’s sitting on the side of you that is holding the needle, he’ll give up the armrest. Trust me.