Hasenauer, Sandy

Hasenauer, Sandy
(Sam, the dog, says hi.) And yes, I dragged my portable quilt hanger out of the pool to do her job. Because I'm like that.

I really like the way the quilt turned out. However, if I ever decide to try to miter string-pieced borders again...well, just stop me. I had seams hitting in all sorts of wrong places, and with the high variation in weave of the (African) fabrics I was having issues with stretching so one of my corners is a little less than Kosher. The other three are better than I'd hoped, though, so I'm still ahead.

I haven't decided how I'm quilting this yet. I've been looking at the ones on your Sew & Tell for inspiration.

Sandy Hasenauer

Note: Usually, only finished quilts make it into the Gallery, but it's really hard to turn down smiling Goldens and portable quilt-hangers dripping pool water under displayed quilts. When Sandy quilts this, I'll update the photo.~~Ami .