Hardt, Christie

Hardt, Christie
When I first began quilting, I saw an "I Spy" quilt and thought how stupid is that. There are such beautiful and elegant patters out there, why in the world would anyone spend the time to make a silly quilt like that?

Along came Annabella, my first grandchild. Now my thoughts were, how stupid was I not to see the great value, creativity, and fun that this quilt could be.

I decided it would be a quilt to celebrate her first year. Among the picture squares I have included a photo of her taken at each month of her new life. I also included a picture of mom and dad, three sets of grandparents and of course the dogs.

Across the top I embroidered Annabella Grace's First Year and put a first year photo along with her cake all over her face.

I decided to use fabric paint and stamp her hands and feet along the fabric that I would be using for the border. Of course, we had to capture this on film. So, I added the pictures of her screaming as we were sticking her hands and feet in the blue paint. Fortunately it was summer time and we had a little toddler pool set up on the deck. When we were finished, I stripped off her diaper and stuck her in the pool. Uh oh, now I had my very own little Smurf, until we got some soap, she had turned a lovely shade of blue. Her mom wasn't amused.

She is almost two and loves that quilt. I ask her to find different things and she knows exactly where they are. What a great remembrance to leave for her, not to mention the connection she feels with the photos on the quilt. Thanks for a GREAT, GREAT pattern.

Thank you Ami,
Best Regards, Christie

This quilt was made with the "Zig Zag Zoom" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.