Debby Hanlan

Hanlan, Debby
       When I heard that Ami was authoring another quilt book, I got SEWWW anxious for her. I was even more excited when I was chosen as one of her pattern proofers for Picture Play Quilts and got to help with this project. I chose the FOLDED STARS pattern for one of my grandsonís Christmas 2000 present. The centers of the stars are fabric pictures of comical cartoon fish. The 3-dimensional star points are primary colors with the blocks arranged in a diagonal pattern. The outside border is quilted with waves, the rest is outline quilting.
       Even though Scott was only 19-months-old at Christmas, he really enjoyed his new blankie ó almost as much as I enjoyed his smiling face.

       I personalize each quilt I make with a hand drawn quilt label. Keeping the fish theme, Scottís quilt is individualized just for him with the date and made for him by me.
      I canít wait to start another Picture Play quilt. They are SEWWW much fun!!

Debby Hanlan
Stewartsville, MO

This quilt was made with the "Folded Stars" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.