Ami's Hand-Dyed Clothesline

Ami's Hand-Dyed Clothesline
Make fabric bowls without the fabric! Use beautiful hand-dyed clothesline instead. Way faster! Top it off with a finger-crocheted rim. Read my tutorial to learn how.

Lengths of clothesline are approximately 100-foot long. They're 100% cotton, and dyed by yours truly. Clothesline is made into bowls by coiling the clothesline and zig-zagging the coils one to the other. (Click on the tutorial below.)

These are "one-of-a-kind" dye jobs. There is a great deal of variation in color, both within one length of clothesline and from one clothesline to the other. (These are not imperfections; rather they are the charm of hand-dyeing.)

Similarly, clothesline manufacturers are not too worried about aesthetics as long as the line doesn't break. There are lumps, bumps and globs in the line itself. They rarely show once the bowl is complete.

I have limited quantities of each color. I won't dye clothesline again until the spring. Since I bring what I have in stock at the time to "bowling" workshops, if you see something here, you may not want to wait. Order before it disappears.

Prices vary by complexity of production.

Click thumbnail to navigate to page, click THAT thumbnail to see larger image. An * before the name means that I have paired matching or complementary thread with this particular dyed clothesline. Click the image below to see matching thread, if any.