Garage Sale (October 1997)

While I was gone, my husband had a garage sale. He sold our garage to our neighbor across the street! Actually, I think he GAVE it to him. (This was so we could begin construction on the Addition.)

When I got home, two men and a bunch of trucks were in my driveway bracing the garage. They cut the foundation pinnings, jacked it up about a foot and a half, plopped it on a flat bed truck, and drove it over the lawn, through the empty lot next door, over the curb, and down the street. I was a little jet-lagged at the time, but in reviewing the photographs I took, thatís apparently what they did. Took them a couple of days to get it all ready and then only about 45 minutes to drive it over.

The best part of the move was when the garage was half in and half out of the street. The school bus came down the street and they had left just enough room for it to pass by. The look on the kids' faces, pressed up against the bus windows was priceless. Wish I had gotten a good picture of that!

If I ever get lonely, I can look at the garage from my office window. Strange sight. Steve made me give up my garage door opener. He said that was part of the deal. Darn. (c)1997 by Ami Simms.