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46-Happy Mother's Day, Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties, More Christmas Fabric, and Valli Schiller is Coming to Flint!
45-Christmas in March, Escape Rooms, and Rag Fur Jacket pattern on sale
44-New Fabric Line, The Number 7, and TWO great APPs
43-Zoey Turned Two, Kansas Next Week, Dyed Clothesline, New Book
42-Summer School and NeckLITES
41-Twisted Sisters is BACK, Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties
40- Italy, Locker Hooking, and Scooter's Video Pick
39-Old Dog/New Trick #2, Best Lights Ever, and More
38-Cool Kid Books, Crumb Quilt, Cleaning Tip, and More
37-Flint Water Crisis, Guild Fundraiser, MileIQ
36-Fabric Ornaments (there's still time), Sugru, FLASH SALE.
35-I'm Back! (Did you miss me?)
34-Old Dog quilt #1, Rag Jacket, Dyed Clothesline.
33-Scooter's Birthday, Light Boxes, Another Color Test, & a Funny Speech.
32-Quilt Deconstruction, Color Test, SKUNK, Bark Box and Featherweight Light.
31-Super new sewing machine light, tools on sale, and more tips.
30- Free Stork Scissors, Fobs, T-shirt Bag Tutorial & More
29-Scooter's Sewing Tip, Kai Scissors, Party Jars, & Printing With Less Paper
28-Tips, Tape Measures, and Quilty Earrings
27-NeckLites, Bibbing, Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties
26-More sewing tips, a really old picture of me, and a driving dog video
25-Five tips for Threading Needles & More Fun Stuff
24-Rag Fur Jacket, New Workshops, & What's THAT?!-
23-Flannel, Fabric Bowling, Crumb Quilt, Change For The Better
22-Cold Feet, Pantyhose/Pin Cushion Trick, 2 new videos
21- It Calculates Shipping, NeckLites Coming, More Tape Measures, & Recyclables
20-Present Wrapping, Fabric Eyeballs, AAQI Update, and Leftover Batting Tips
19-White Noise, Grandma Tips, Dyed Clothesline, Gift Ideas
#18- Milestone Birthday, Better Ironing Board, Free Pattern, Very Bright Light
#17-Online Workshop, Local Workshops, Fabric Twine, and a Seal Video
#16-It's Official; I'm a Grandmother
#15-Grandmother-In-Waiting Edition, Free Stuff, Tips, Dog Video
#14-More Gummy Irons, Marking Quilts Got Easier, Fruit, Dog Video
#13-High Tech Quilt Labels, Gummy Irons, Rabbit Hole
#12-A Little Quilt, All About Thread, Rabbit Hole, Scooter's New Crate
#11-Cutting Table Tip, Best Way to Call Meeting to Order, FaceBook, Dog Drinking
#10-Playing with words, Scooter's video, and your questions
#9-Grandmother Edition (plus other stuff)
#8-Spring, Scooter's Close Call, APB's and the Sisterhood
#7-Amazing Puzzle Ball Pattern - Time to Pre-Order
#6-I'm Going To Be A Grandmother (and other stuff)
#5-Ami's Amazing Puzzle Balls - Time To Pre-Order
#4-Ruler Lifter, Color Coded Needles, and a New Pattern!
#3-Crumb Quilts, AQS QuiltWeek, Tip For Taking Strips to Class
#2-See Bigger Text, On Becoming A Better Quilter, Advice From Scooter
#1-Out With The Old, In With The New

I LOVE your newsletters! They are informative, funny, and just a delight to receive. Don't stop them. Thanks for your time in reaching out to all of us who love quilting, but may not be getting enough of quilting worked into our daily lives."
Sandy Hanson (Lincoln, NE)
"Ami, I just love your newsletter. No, I didn't pee my pants, I was just laughing so hard that I had tears running down my legs."
Lynn (Worcester, MA)
"Always look forward to receiving your newsletter. It is light-hearted and consistently informative. Scooter’s antics are an added bonus."
Penny Rongo (Manteo, NC)