Freedom To Feather

Freedom To Feather
Tired of making do with commercial quilting templates? Take this half-day workshop and release your Inner Feather. Learn to make your own beautiful and unique feathers to compliment any block area. We'll start with "traditional" and grow in whatever direction you wish. No drawing experience necessary. Students share their work in class with each other, under an assumed name if desired. Lots of fun even for the feather impaired.

Skill Level: Beginner.

Supply List: At least 15 sheets of white paper 8.5" x 11" or larger (not waxed, no lines), compass, paper scissors, sharp pencils (I'll bring my favorite mechanical pencils to class), see-through ruler, small (feather sized) piece of template material (optional), VERY THIN black felt tip marker, and a really LARGE eraser. OPTIONAL: a small rotary mat or tag board (size of your paper) might be nice to protect the table from compass points and markers that might bleed.

Duration: 3 hours

Size Limit: 25 students

Special Room Set-up: I use live video demos to teach this class. In addition two 8-foot "sale" tables at the front of the room, I will need a third 8-foot table for camera and projector. A screen is best, but a large white wall will work. The room must be able to be darkened and everyone needs to be able to face forward to see the demos. "Classroom" style is the best. Additionally the lights go on and off many times during the workshop. If the switch is not at the front of the room near me, please find a volunteer to operate it. Please provide an Ott light, or similar.

"What a terrific class you gave today!I had a great time and came away with fabulous confidence about my inner feather.I see lots more feathers in my future."
Mary Anne Shew
Rochester, NY
I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I love how you took us on a journey one step at a time and made something that always seemed so hard to me, end up not being so hard after all! … I started off being so careful and trying to be so precise at the beginning of the class and towards the end of the class I felt transformed into a much freer featherer!
Thanks for such a wonderful experience,
Sangeeta Mellen, Student, Maine Quilts workshop (Augusta, ME)

I want to thank you again for the great class on feathers. Not only did I enjoy it but in a short time you took me further than I ever thought I could go! I won't fear feathers any more…
Thank you, thank you!
Ruth Vietze, Student, Maine Quilts workshop (Augusta, ME)