February 2012

February 2012
The Ami Simms Newsletter
February 1, 2012

How did January go by so fast?! Thirty-one whole days and all of a sudden it's over. I'm really worried about February with 6.45% fewer days and we even have a leap day. I think I may be in trouble.

RESOLUTIONS REVISITED (If you remember from last month.)
Last month I was a veritable flurry of organizational activity. My desk was clean for about 20 minutes, but the desk drawer (with all the files) now goes IN was well as out. I moved all 2009 pictures off my cell phone, and part of the 2010 pictures too. (A very small part.) I hope I get partial credit for that one. Reconciliation of credit card statements may take some more time.

My love handles are lovelier because there are just slightly less of them. All I did was give up Coke. I haven't had a sip of the sweet bubbly in 31 days. I wasn't going to go cold turkey, but moderation would have forced me to actually keep track of my soda intake ("pop intake" for my fellow Michiganders) and I just don't have that kind of free time for more record keeping. I have noticed strong cravings for other bubbly beverages. Not what you're thinking! I'm hooked on Italian mineral water. Yum!

The cobwebs are still there, but the brand new vacuum cleaner (thank you, Santa) and I are goods friends already. The suction is so strong it got stuck to the carpet in the Office and wouldn't move until I turned it off. I take that as a very good excuse never to vacuum in there again. The vacuum came with all sorts of attachments. One of them must surely be for cobwebs, but I'm a little afraid the vacuum cleaner may suck the light fixtures right off the ceiling if I get too close. Next month.

I have spent oodles of more time sewing (fantastic!) and I have an online workshop that starts in 5 days to prove it. You're invited to join the class. (See below.)

This is a quick little wall quilt (about 33" square before borders). It's made with the same technique I teach in my String Quilting workshops.

I finally realized I can't be everywhere, and the technology is here for us to stitch together in an online classroom. You'll have me at your elbow in almost "real time" because you can ask questions digitally along the way. I set it up so you'll be able to access one lesson a day for six days. (Or, if you want it all at once, start on Day Seven---some people like to know where they are going before they start. I get it.)

I figure small bite-sized lessons will ensure that you keep up and actually FINISH the quilt! Plus, it gives me a chance to answer your questions and comments. I hope you'll join me. The class is for confident beginners and intermediate students. Information is conveyed through text, photographs, and videos. And, oh yes…ME! Plus I can't think of a single venue where you can take a workshop with me for just $14.99. Space is limited, so don't wait to sign up. Details are here.

Thank you all for the very kind comments about the Double Diamond Bookmark ePattern. I guess the videos were a big hit. If you haven't seen it yet, the free ePattern is available with the purchase of the Double Diamond Rulers from my web page. Order the rulers, supplies, and/or the ePattern here.

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative just completed its 6th year. Thanks to quilters all over the country (and beyond), I am very proud to say that we have raised more than $690,000 for Alzheimer's research. We are only a few hundred quilts away from receiving our 10,000th Priority: Alzheimer's Quilt. Will it be yours?

You can have some fun at our February online auction. It just started today and runs through the 10th. Please bid here.

Or, if auctions aren't your thing and you prefer just to buy a quilt and be done with it, we have HUNDREDS for you to pick from, right here.

I'll be teaching for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival later this month. My classes have been filled for a while, but I will be doing a lecture called "Living With Quilts: A Survival Guide" on Thursday night. Come and bring friends. ("Alzheimer's Illustrated: From Heartbreak to Hope" will also be on display. I look forward to seeing you there too.)

I'll be presenting How Not To Make A PrizeWinning Quilt in Monroe, Michigan and also in Toledo, Ohio in March. If your guild would like to add on to these or other bookings, please contact me right away. (Hit reply.) I also plan on scheduling a Fabric Bowling workshop here in Flint in my @home classroom. Probably Saturday the 24th of March. If you're interested, let me know. More details in the next newsletter.

I'll be back to Texas in April. Learn more about my teaching schedule here.

Seems like there was one other thing I meant to put in the newsletter. Just can't think of what it was. So, I thought I'd let you know that we've been enjoying Clementines, those sweet delicious little (what are they: tangerines?!). I think Steve and I have gone through an entire box in about 4 days. When they're juicy and sweet they are wonderful.

OK, can't think of what it was, so I guess I'll end. Scooter sends his love, but he sends his pictures to FaceBook. It's all about the dog at http://www.facebook.com/ScooterSimms.

Have a wonderful February and I'll see you next month.

Ami Simms

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