February 2001

February 2001
Hi, Mom!

Gosh, life is swell. My people are giving me more and more responsibility. Any time now and Iím going to be able to take myself for a walk.

Iíve been working in the office now trying to help out. Now that Iíve learned to jump up and reach the counters, I can help lots more. Miss Ami doesnít seem to be quite as impressed as I had hoped however.

Mostly I just stay out of the way, otherwise I get too tied up in my work.

In my spare time Iím learning to cook. Miss Ami would rather I didnít do that either.

Last month Miss Ami took Miss Jennie and me to Maryland on a trip. Getting ready was almost as much fun as the trip.

Iím great in airports and on planes. You can ask anybody. I do airport terminals really good and airplanes donít bother me a bit. I have to walk down the aisle by myself in front of Miss Ami. I know the other passengers are all staring at me, but I donít mind. I just do my job. On one of the planes I somehow got turned around and Miss Ami just said ďBack!Ē and so I went backwards for about 10 feet until I could turn around the right way. I got a lot of ďgood dogsĒ for that move.

Once we get to our seat, I mostly stretch out and sleep. People who didnít see me get on the plane donít even know Iím there.

I do really good in public restrooms too. I greet everyone who comes by. Iím not allowed to bark or lick so I just smile.

After our trip Aunt JoAnne said Miss Ami needed a break so she took me bowling with the other dogs and their humans. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to bite the pins or chase the balls, but it turned out that we weren't supposed to do any of that. Us dogs just watched. None of our humans ran after the balls or licked the pins either. Are your humans this dull?

Aspen was there. Do you think that would qualify as a group date? After we got home Aspenís Mom gave me Aspenís old chain collar because my headís getting so big Miss Ami can hardly get my old one off. She has to wiggle it up to the top of my head and then pull each ear out one at a time before it will come off. Iím not fat, Mom. I just have a big head. Miss Ami says my head is big Ďcause I have so many brains. Then she rolls her eyes. Is that nice?

Anyway, Iíve got Aspenís old chain and itís really cool, and I am cool when I wear it. Itís way big on me, but I donít mind. This means weíre going steady, right? Iíll tell Aspen next time I see him, which should be in about 12 years.

Iím totally grounded. No puppy class and no playing with any boy dogs. It has to do with my new underpants. (My tail sticks out.) Miss Ami says Iím hot. (Something like that.) Yes, I am HOT. Iím a most attractive dog and I can see why all the boy dogs would think Iím Ö.just a minute, I have to roll on my back and wave my pawsÖ..ah, that feels betterÖ.what was I saying? Oh, is that chocolate? Can I have some please? What do you mean NO?! OK, see that dishtowel? Not any more, you donít. I have it in my mouth. All of it. With no parts sticking out. Now Iím going to run around the dining room table 38 times. What do you think of THAT?! Get OUT of my way, human. I need to lie down. Right here. Just move your foot. Thatís better. I love you so much. Where are you going? Iím coming with you. I want to sit on your lap. Quick sit down so you can make a lap for me. I donít care if weíre in the bathroom, sit down already and make a lap! OK, FINE! If you want me Iíll be in the tub licking the shower curtain and singing. Loudly. For a really longÖCan we go to the mall? I want to drive!

Amiís Note: Daisy will be back again next month, and back to her old self again. Iím sure once she gets back into circulation again sheíll have a whole new outlook on life. Meanwhile if youíd like to make a tax deductable donation to Leader Dogs For The Blind in Daisyís name, please send it along to:

Dimes For Daisy
c/o Mallery Press, LLC
4206 Sheraton Drive
Flint, MI 48532-3557

©2001 by Ami Simms