Fabric Bowls

The last date to order is Wednesday, November 29th.

Ami's PowerWrapper
The ultimate wrapping tool for making fabric bowls. (The only tool you're supposed to sit on.) You don't want to make a wrapped clothesline bowl without it.
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Sale price: $29.95
Clothesline for Fabric Bowls
The best clothesline around for making bowls. Package contains approximately 100 feet.
Aleene's Tacky Glue Pen
My preferred glue for making fabric bowls. It dries clear and flexible. Use it to wrap and to end stick clothesline ends to sides of bowls. One pen is enough for one large bowl. Less is better.
Denim Needles for Sewing Clothesline Bowls
These size 90 needles are very strong and perfect for zigzagging over clothesline.
Ami's Hand-Dyed Clothesline
One-of-a-kind hand dyed clothesline for making fabric bowls without the fabric. Lengths of about 100 feet. Prices vary.
Bowling Tutorial
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