Erin NY
Here is the picture of my stash. Not all of the stuff shown in the picture is my stash, just the white plastic box thing. Before laughing at the miniscule size of my stash, keep a few things in mind:


1) I live in a 500 square foot apartment.
2) I have a budget and need to eat.
3) I have been quilting for just under a year.

Given those three things, I think I'm doing pretty good. When I pulled all the drawers out to take the picture, the organizer almost tipped over, so itís pretty darn full. I kind of have it organized by colors, but I really like blue, so I tend to have lots more of that than any other color. The top drawers that are closed contain some clothes patterns that I have given up on in favor of quilting, and a few UFOs. I only have 2 or 3 UFOs since I really try to finish what I start (the whole budget thing again).

Rochester, NY