September 2006: Doing Laundry in the Refrigerator

September 2006: Doing Laundry in the Refrigerator
(Picture: Fall Colors)
Hello All,
Welcome to the start of our 2nd school year. I'd like to go ahead and call this the Year of Zen. We're currently working on a list to send you of what we've learned this year, but beyond being really good at stepping around cow poo, even in the dark, the list is coming up a bit short. But one thing we have learned so far is patience, lots and lots of patience. About this time last year we were screaming and yelling about schedules not being written until 5 pm the day before, then changing every day, and about how we were given 48 hours notice to prepare our kids for the annual test where they have a chance to study in America for a year. This year we are thinking, oh, no schedule, great, I can go back to sleep for awhile. And... great, we get to go to Pavlodar on short notice so we don't have to write that lesson plan after all. It's a Zen thing.

From Jack:

Thanks again for all your letters, especially a surprise postcard from Austin, TX that came over the summer. Thanks to the lovely couple from Texas.

Don't forget that sending letters is not only fun, but cheap and easy. The current rate is only 84 cents for a first class air mail letter and does not require a special trip to the post office. Just make sure to hand-write air mail all over it. Life here is slow so if you've gotten a new cat, repainted your bathroom, considered getting new shoelaces, really, its news to us and we'd love to hear about it.

Wish List:
Actually, what we'd really like is recipes. Write down your favorite recipe and send it to us. We have a lot of time to cook, so send us your favorite it will give you something to write about. keep in mind we don't have access to exotic or expensive ingredients. Actually mostly we have flour. Sometimes cheese. But send those recipes anyway! also video taped sporting events or TV shows are good because a VHS tape is small enough to put in a large envelope and is not expensive. Just don't forget NOT to write the score on the label please! or any other maps or small books, things like that are great for us and we can leave them behind for the kids.

So, Amy really was doing laundry in the refrigerator. Right now we don't have an actual refrigerator, but since it's already 40's at night our porch is quite cool. So that's the fridge. And that's where we do the laundry. Hence Amy does the laundry in the fridge. Currently that means putting soap and hot water in a big plastic bucket and plunging it with a toilet plunger until we get tired of it or the water becomes black, whichever comes first. It works surprisingly well.

Smart aleck note: yes, of course we wipe off the plunger between putting the plunger in the toilet and using it for laundry. Ha! Just kidding! Our actual toilet is a hole in the ground and does not require plunging no matter what you've done to it. (Use as much paper as you want!) So don't be alarmed. We live in a country where toilet plungers are useful for laundry but not toilets.

I suppose that's it for now. Hope this finds you all well.
Jack and Amy