Dixon, Andi
I recently took over our guest bedroom and converted it into a small sewing room for myself. One wall is covered in bookcases that hold my stash, patterns, pillow forms, etc. One wall has my sewing desk and new Bernina machine. I LOVE my new machine!!! The other wall has a TV and ironing board. The last wall has the window and bed pushed up against it. My batting is stored on rolls in the closet.

Itís funny how the fabric addiction starts small. I started out quilting so I was only buying ľ yard cuts. Then I started buying 1/3-yard cuts, then Ĺ yard, then 1 yard. Now I buy several yards at a time, or the rest of the bold if the fabric is on clearance. You never know how much fabric you will need. Besides quilting, I now also make clothes for my daughter and myself.

My only rule about storing my stash is that it must be washed before it goes on the shelf.

My husband is pretty tolerant about my fabric addiction and sewing obsession as long as I donít give him too much grief about being a computer game junkie. My daughter loves it that I make her quilts and clothes. My mother is happy to have someone who will get up at 7am with her to stand in the cutting table line on super sale days at the fabric store!

The inset picture is another view of my sewing room. You said only one picture, so I hope I havenít bent the rules too much.

Andi Dixon