December 2010

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December 1, 2010

They're back. Wait, they're not. They're coming… Oh my, what a wild couple of days it's been!

Remember the wonderful Zipper Necklaces I had last spring? Gold colored, zipped up and down, cute as can be, $5 each…?

Well, my supplier quit making them so I found a wonderful company in China and hired them to make Zipper Necklaces just for me. After 6 months of trading samples back and forth, the zipper necklaces arrived. Perfect! They zip a little easier now, they have a more attractive zipper pull, and they're still only $5 each. AND, if you order before December 5, you get one FREE necklace when you order four.

I happened to mention that on my blog Sunday night, and I sent a quick email to the people who had put their names on the waiting list, and I opened my big mouth on Facebook. Well, to my utter shock and amazement, I sold out completely in just 17 hours! I put the blog up at almost midnight and there went 50 necklaces in the first 30 minutes! Oh-oh. Don't you people SLEEP!?

So here's the deal. If you ordered already and your invoice number is less than 17159, and haven't heard from me, the elves are packing up your order right now. It will take a few days to ship them all out, unless I need to sleep, then figure another day more than that.

If my counting is correct and "rejects" are kept to a minimum (yes, I am personally still zipping and unzipping every necklace to make sure each one is PERFECT) I predict that we will run out AFTER invoice 17159. That being the case, if your invoice number is between than 17159 and 17187 then you should have already gotten an email explaining that you probably won't get your necklaces in time for Christmas. I updated the webpage after that so if your invoice number is after 17187, you missed the big red type, or like most, you just don't care.

What's the bottom line? Order Now! The new batch of necklaces should be in my hands at the end of December and in your hands by the end of the first week in January. If you're not fond of belated holiday gift-giving, think of it as getting a head start on next year. Order here.

And we've got quilty earrings! You'll get them in time for Christmas if you order by midnight Friday, December 3rd. (If you order AFTER December 3rd, they'll just come later.) As you know, these are created and hand-assembled by Peg Howard. She's standing by, tools in hand, to make you the best Santa ever. She's just introduced NINE new designs, six of which are extremely holiday-appropriate. Buy three and get them for just $10 a pair instead of $12.50 each.

New earrings are marked with a large red-lettered, yellow-highlighted NEW sign! You can't miss 'em.

Hello, Madison T. Dog here. My human sister, Jennie, snapped a picture of me in the leaves this past fall. I look very handsome, so she entered me in a contest so she could go to Aruba. I will stay home. Somehow this does not seem fair.

Mom and Jennie have been checking my votes 14 times a day, every day, and I have risen all the way up to 5th place overall and 3rd place in my category of "Best Expression." Out of more than 7,000 dogs this is really pretty good. If you would like to please vote for me I would certainly appreciate it. Voting takes about 12 seconds and you don't have to register or anything. You might get a survey screen pop up, but you can X that out and your vote still counts. No unwanted fan mail either.

Dogs, as a rule, don't know much about contests. The rules say you can only vote one time per person. (Mom read them to me several times.)

I think some of the people with dogs in the contest have noticed that if you come back the next day the web page forgets that you voted already. Like that one German Shepherd dog with no background. I beat him once, but now I am back in 12th place. Sigh again.

The rules talk all about that one vote thing, but I think that they should fix their web page so you can't vote twice if you're not supposed to. (Don't ask me how I know this.) I have 1,598 votes so far and I think the other Golden in 3rd place with the long, ugly tongue is cheating. Personally, I think his people are voting non-stop. How else do you explain 50,000 votes in like 2 days! I mean he came out of nowhere.

I know the cat is cheating. The rules are very clear about this being a contest for dogs.

So, please vote once for me (on every computer you can get your paws on). Mom and Jennie will send you a post card from Aruba if they win, or from the living room if they don't. VOTE! . (Please.)

Speaking of dogs and in the media. I liked this video a lot. There is a loud commercial before it starts. You will still enjoy the whole thing if you turn off the sound.

In the interest of equal time for cats, you will like this video too. I think a big brother cat told this cat how you're supposed to drink out of a faucet. He probably also told him that there's a monster living in the kitty litter that will reach up and pull your tail. Brothers can be mean. Now this cat is warped for life. Poor cat.

Back to Mom.

You know what's next: my monthly announcement that the AAQI small quilt auction has begun. (It has begun!) This time I have a quilt up on the auction block! That doesn't happen every day. In fact, I haven't had a quilt in the auction since Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts were in triple digits ---several years ago, in fact.

My quilt, and several others (including quilts by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims), were all featured in the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative show that will be posting on The Quilt Show on December 6th. So, look at the quilts, then look at the show and you can point and shout, and say "I SAW THAT QUILT, IT'S IN THE DECEMBER AUCTION!" (And you can bid on it!)

Speaking of bidding, competitive streak seems to have surfaced. Here we go… I really hope my quilt gets higher bids that Alex's or Ricky's. Whaddya think? Can you make it happen?

Please tune into the AAQI Update Blog. Not only will you read about the auction (with pictures of quilts), but you'll also learn how to do two things on Facebook. See, you can get even smarter than you already are, and just by reading a blog!

One way to save money and still bring in a national teacher is to piggy back with an existing group. As long as the groups don't have a lot of crossover (which might dilute the student pool) it's beneficial for all concerned. You'll get to split the airfare, and possibly save on hotels too. Plus you'll get the increased buzz in the media when you promote the EVENT! Instead of a workshop and a lecture for your guild, you're part of my TOUR.

Sharing between cities en route is also a way to cut corners. For my trip in March I'll fly to Atlanta, teach near there, then teach in eastern Alabama and fly out of Montgomery. Atlanta is a hub for Delta. I have to go through Detroit, Atlanta, or Minneapolis to get just about anywhere else. Anybody in those cities who wants to have me teach for them could add onto just about any teaching job already on the books.

I'm looking to add on to a teaching trip at the end of June. I'll be in Columbus, OH on the 28th and the 29th.

I'll be in Lafayette, LA on the 30th and 31st of August. Anybody near there want to share?

I'll be in Norge, VA from September 30 to October 1st. Is there a nearby guild who wants to share? If 2011 isn't convenient, I'll be back to Virginia in March 2011 for workshops and a lecture with the Stonehouse Quilt Guild in Manassas.

Check my teaching schedule for other opportunities.

There's an addition to the What Were They Thinking page.

UNTIL NEXT TIME Wishing you joy and peace this holiday, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

Quilt something, hug someone, and smile a lot.

I'll be back in your mailbox next year!

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