Debbie in NY
       I took this picture WITHOUT straightening up. (Can you tell?) I stack my fabric like books on a shelf. When I'm ready to audition fabric for a quilt, I can just run the fabrics along the shelves and wait for something to pop out at me. As you can tell by the fabric stuffed on the top of each shelf, sometimes I just HAVE to actually pull the fabric out to get a better idea. And then I don't want to stop those creative juices from flowing by putting it back in its proper place, do I?
       The boxes and baskets on the floor hold fabric that won't fit on my shelving system. The wood that you see on the right hand portion of the photo is the side of another 5-shelf bookcase that holds my greens. The bins on top hold ribbon, lace, patterns, and pre-cut 2" and 3" squares and strips for, well, I don't know for what. YET. (I DID use some of the 2" squares in a watercolor quilt about 6 years ago.) And, like every other quilter I know, I have fabric and quilting supplies in my dining room, living room, and every other room where I can sneak a container in unnoticed.
       I used to complain about my husband's adversity to buying me fabric as gifts. This year I printed thumbnail swatches from an online store, and told him THIS is what I like. He ordered some of them, and then complained to me that he couldn't believe the itty bitty size of the box that they arrived in when he spent over $200! "Just how much money HAVE you spent on that fabric upstairs??" Oops!

Calverton, NY