Daisy & Mattie

Daisy & Mattie
That's Jennie with Daisy and me on our "date." (Jennie's the tall one in the blue shirt.)

Mom said we reminded her of Miss Piggy and Kermit but with a lot more fur. For two hours straight the two of us dogs played. Daisy picked the games. First we played Sit on Mattie's Head. Then we played Bite Mattie On The Leg. Then we played Throw Mattie On His Back And Comb His Fur With Your Teeth.

Here's a picture of that game. Those Alpha females are so much fun. Mom said I got slimed. I had Labrador slobber all over me. Daisy's Mom said it was "Dog Gel." She's so funny. After we were too tired to play we sat for about 20 seconds to catch our breath.

Daisy says she laughs all the time at home. She's always doing fun stuff, like sitting behind the wheel in the car. When they got in the car to go home I heard Daisy's mom say to her say to her, "That's OK, I'll drive." I can't wait until Daisy and I have another date.

I also met a bird last week. She's a blue and gold macaw and her name is Pooh. Like "Winnie The." Her Mom, Donna, brought her over to Aunt JoAnne's to try and freak out the Leader Dogs in training. (I just went for fun.) Then we came back to my house for a bit.

Pooh is very beautiful and is probably very tasty, however I never got a chance to lick her. I was given the LEAVE IT command several times and obeyed a lot. Pooh can make very loud noises that kind of make the fur on the back of my neck pop up. Then she laughs.

Here is Pooh trying to whisper something in my ear, or perhaps remove part of my ear. I wasn't sure.

Pooh is really very pretty. She eats a lot of people food and she can live to be 100 years old. She can also bark like a dog and meow like a cat, which can be very confusing for dogs who aren't allowed to get close enough to make sure she's really a bird.