Crumb Piecing

<font color="#FF0000">NEW!</font> Crumb Piecing
Make a quilt out of this?! Yup! I'll show you how to pick, puzzle, and patch your way to beautiful little blocks that are tiny works of art. You'll sash them and finish your quilt at home.

We'll be working on a really small scale (look at the size of those scraps!) with 15 or more different fabrics in each 4" block! Think of piecing in a whole new way: random, serendipitous, asymmetrical, and experimental.

It's time to sew "outside the box." Crumb piecing is fun, relaxing, and a little hard to stop.


    Items preceded by * can be purchased in class.

  • Not more than 1 pound of tiny quilting weight 100% cotton scraps, stuff people would throw away, but not smaller than 1/2". You will be sharing fabric with other students at the "Fabric Buffet."

  • *Class handout fee: $2 (includes cutting instructions and layout diagrams for three quilts).

  • *50 weight (thin) neutral colored thread such as Aurifil thread.

  • *Small, sturdy scissors for cutting small pieces of fabric such as Kai 5-1/2" scissors.

  • Stiletto (optional) to guide tiny pieces safely under the moving sewing machine needle.

  • Rotary cutter, 6" x 12" rotary ruler, and mat.

  • Sewing machine for straight stitching 1/4" (or smaller) seams.

  • Extension cord, power strip, and iron/ironing board suggested, but contact your program chair as these may be provided.

    Skill Level: Beginning, Intermediate

    Duration: 6 hours

    Size Limit: 25 students

    Classroom set-up: Classroom Set-up: Outlets and elbow room appropriate for the number of students. As every seam must be ironed before and after, plan on one iron for every two students. (Not kidding.) Rigid ironing surfaces are better than ironing "mats." Two tables (long sides together) are needed for the Fabric Buffet and a third table (elevated if possible) for demonstrations. Two students per 8 foot table is sufficient IF students have access to additional space to rotary cut.

"I had a blast taking your class. It was the most fun I have had at a class ever."
Farmington Hills, MI
"Thanks for the great class!You should also know, I have become obsessed with crumb quilting, trying new ideas with it, such as all-solid blocks with varying shades and hues of the same color. Working small has made me more aware of the small design elements in printed fabrics and my aesthetic pleasure at noticing and handling them." Elaine Karls
Saginaw, MI