Hi Daisy,
My name is Coyote (but my humans usually call me Cody). I just finished reading your story and loved it! I wish I got to go into the stores and restaurants when I was young! Mom says Cattle Dogs need all the socialization they can get, and she takes me everywhere she can. We even get to go into the big hardware store called Home Depot. Some of the employees carry dog treats for me, but mom always makes me do a trick like waving or acting tired to get it... whatever mom.

I'm a Dog Scout! I have gotten to go all the way to Michigan to Dog Scout camp and learn all kinds of things! I learned to swim, pull logs while I wore a harness (just little logs), hike with a pack on (I even have a title for doing that! I can put PDX after my name because I've gone over 100 miles with the pack on!)

We went kayaking (that was a blast!!) I got to dig in the sand, I even learned to paint pictures!! That was so much fun. I won an award for my painting for "most intense".

They teach "positive reward training" there, just like at PAWS. Click & treat.. it's so sweet! Mom has taught me to do all kinds of things with this kind of training (I love to try to figure out how to make her click me!).

I know how to get my leash and put my paws up on her leg so she doesn't have to bend over. (She's so lazy!) I also help at fundraisers because I learned how to take dollar bills from people and put them into a bucket! We just did a fundraiser for Salvation Army yesterday & I was the star! I even got to be on TV! I'm part of a local Dog Scout troop and my mom is the leader. She says we will be even busier next year! Whew!

Well, I gotta go now, mom says it's late (I say itís the cat watching hour!) You should get your humans to take you to Dog Scout camp! It's way cool! Log onto and bark at the screen to let them know you really want to go!

Wags & Wiggles,
Coyote, DSA, PDX, TDI, TT, BD (mom adds the last one for "best dog")