Hello Miss Ami,
We noticed your letters from dog-types and wondered why no feline communication is represented here. Maybe too many cats consider it beneath themselves to communicate with lower life forms! We however are a chatty bunch and designated Cleo as our scribe and so she's the one putting paw to paper.

We are the cat tribe that lives with Pepper Cory and her husband. The #1 in-charge cat is Cleo, an all black and very beautiful Siamese mix. Cleo is intelligent, speaks several languages (only one of which the humans understand-), and generally keeps the household in line. Cleo is the one who invented the 'cat tax' (a piece of every human food) and can open every drawer, cabinet, and door.

Sheba is the husband's cat-friend. She sleeps with him, waits for the sound of his car in the driveway, and rides on his shoulder everywhere. Sheba is a large and handsome tabby/gray striped cat with immaculate white paws and vest.

Then there's Bamboo, the local girl, a tortoiseshell in black and gold. She was raised by chickens in a barnyard and still doesn't know her name. She doesn't meow but communicates by jingling the bell on her collar.

Some silly human scientist said female cats can't live together but obviously they've never met us! We are the official quilt testers at our house. When Pepper spreads a newly made quilt top down on the living room carpet, we show aur approval by walking into the middle of the top and flopping over sideways to lounge smack dab in the center of the design.

We suggest changes to quilts by running into the laid out rows of blocks (the chaos theory of design) and show our preference for fabrics by shedding profusely on our favorite prints.

Cleo has her own thimble since she is a retriever cat and won't let Pepper quilt unless she has her own toy to play with at the same time.

Unfortunetly we argued so much about who would be pictured in Pepper's book " Mastering Quilt Marking" that she asked a friend's cat (Samual Bonnington Small) to pose. We are still miffed about the oversight!

Well bye for now and we'll check in again when other cats take up the challenge of writing to you.

Cheerio from Cleo, Sheba, and Bamboo

PS-Daisy didn't flunk out of leader Dog School--we think she's really bright for avoiding traffic. Way to go Daisy Dog!