Carol Fleming Chenoweth

Chenoweth, Carol Fleming
I took your string quilt class in PA on Sept. 13th one year ago. If you look closely in the "solid" parts of this quilt, you will see that blue dot on tan fabric I sent to you after the class.

The quilt is called "Sweet Land of Liberty" and was given to my teenage niece this summer. My brother and his family live in Dhaka, Bangladesh where he works for USAID/State Department. I had cut all the strips the week prior to class with many red, white, and blue patriotic and musical motifs, including a print with "The Star-Spangled Banner" words and music. How strange to work on these fabrics during that week—unsettling and yet somehow comforting, too.

The blocks are Sunshine and Shadow, arranged in the whirligig pattern. But I wanted to add another row of blocks top and bottom... so the whirligig kind of extended to a "lightning bolt" effect on top/bottom. It is machine quilted with a musical design containing treble and bass clefs. (The other niece got her quilt this summer, too. Both are sleeping under them in Dhaka.)

Thanks for the newsletter, too!
Carol Fleming Chenoweth