Jan Brown

Brown, Jan
Well, I sure have been thinking a lot about your work, as I have completed two Picture Play Quilts for Christmas gifts.

The orange one has gone to Liliana and Alejandro in Visalia, CA. They are 2 an 4, sweet emergent little readers, who love color. The quilt has gone in a box with a "Parent Packet" so their Mama and Papa can see the quilt and read the games before the kids open the box.

The red one goes to my sister Boon, Professor of Recreation Therapy at Univ of WI, LaCrosse. She is a certified Play Maker (with Life Is Good). She gets this quilt for her birthday AND Christmas. I think she will HEART it and be able to share it with her students and interns.

So you can see that your inspiration is far-reaching in its scope.

Each of the quilts has a back pocket from a pair of jeans stitched on the back to hold photocopies of the games from your book (pages 33-37). My sister in Seattle asked where I got the pockets and I said "from my husband's closet." She cracked up over seeing Blake go to his closet to get his jeans and oops! pocket's cut out!!!

Thank you for sharing your creativity.
Jan Brown

These quilts were made with a variation of the "Stepping Stone" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.