Bonnie E.
Is this picture real? Is this woman really this neat? In a word - no!

Timing was just right for the Stash picture after cleaning up the room in preparation for company coming. This is just one wall of my 10 feet by 12-foot workroom. There is more fabric on the opposite wall in the built in bookshelves and in a closet. In this 10 x 12 room I have:

About 60 square feet of fabric, 1 large TV on large rolling TV stand, 1 full-size sofa bed, 2 desks, two sets of floor to ceiling built-in bookshelves with bottom cabinets, 1 exercise bicycle, three sewing machines, and a rolling, folding cutting table, plus appropriate smaller accessories needed. Is it cramped? Yes? Do I need more space? Yes. But is it all mine? Definitely, Yes!

My dream is to have all the fabrics behind Plexiglas doors so that they are protected from dust and dirt (I live in Oklahoma where the "wind comes sweeping 'cross the plains"), but visible at the same time. Since I stack by color, the wall of color is like one big piece of artwork.

I do not need to "hide" my fabric purchases. My husband has never questioned my fabric purchases in our 33 years of marriage. But the accountant in him would probably come out if he stopped long enough to figure out the monetary value of all that fabric!

(The quilt in the center of the photo is in progress, being done by the block as a wedding gift for son Brian and his bride to be, Heidi. Heidi loves stars and the color purple and Brian's favorite color is green.)

Bonnie E.
Bartlesville, OK