WHAT A MESS!!! I definitely need some stash storage hints. I have dreams of cabinets with doors that I can at least CLOSE on this mess so it isn't so visible, but at the same time, I like seeing all the colors and can grab a piece easily because I know where it is!

Well...I know it is in there SOMEWHERE!

I am a scrap quilt fanatic...and a lot of what you see in this picture are bins of my left over scraps and strings. I have been cutting leftovers into strips to use in scrap quilts. Strips widths of 1˝", 2", 2˝" are the sizes I use most. Small chunks, or strips that are smaller than 1˝", (or weird tapered things from trimming fabric when rotary cutting) go into another basket for paper piecing and string piecing.

I think I am a plastic organizer addict! I keep thinking that the more plastic organizer bins and drawers and holders and baskets and magazine holders and thingies that I get, the more organized I will be! It hasn’t happened yet! *LOL* But you should see my eyes light up when I go down the plastics aisle at Wal-Mart! WATCH OUT! *heehee* Office supply stores are also a favorite haunt of mine.

I am a long arm quilter, so you can see in the picture that I have stacked bins and drawers underneath the back side of the machine table. This has worked out GREAT as the stackable drawers are easy to access and are out of the way.

And, looking at the other pictures that have been submitted I feel like I am in pretty good company in the stash department! *LOL*

Bonnie in TX