June 2001

The Big Green Monster
For several years I collected bright colors, getting a quarter-yard here or a third-yard there. As my travels take me to MANY quilt shops all over the country, my collection grew to gargantuan proportions. (Lucky me.)

I decided to make a traditional Lilly pattern with them because the flowers would be easy to hand piece (See my Invisible Applique book.) on the road. I adore appliquéing curves and I knew I would enjoy hand-quilting curves too, so it was the perfect pattern.

I took the stupid thing with me wherever I went and in about 3 years I finally finished it. It took most of 2000 to assemble the flowers into the top, again by hand. I went with an electric green and have had to defend my choice far too many times, so if you don’t like it, I don’t want to hear it. (Hey, it’s MY quilt, OK?!)

Picture Play Quilts then required my full attention to meet deadline and the Lilly Quilt was left with 3 of her four edges trimmed and ready for borders. She’s sat that way for almost a year, in the dark drawer, lonely and miserable.

This week I pulled her out. I was itching to hand quilt. Something big. Something bright. Something WITH borders. DRAT!

It had been so long, I had forgotten what exactly I had planned for those three pieces of “border fabric” tucked inside the quilt top. Back to the drawing board, or in my case, the design wall.

Thankfully, the first two options (pictured below) never quite clicked.
I needed more of a statement, especially for a quilt that doubles as a night light. I had to quit apologizing for the bright colors and let them shout if they wanted to. Lilly is not a shy quilt. She is a big mouth. (We have so much in common.)

So, here we are with the borders in place but not stitched. That’s the next step. As they say, stay tuned…