Best Drinks

Best Drinks
I am nothing if not trainable. Having discovered the importance of hydration on my last trip, I remembered to DRINK lots of liquids this time around. Not only was it prudent, it was delicious!

The absolute best drinks were from a food stand on the street between the train station and entrance to the excavations at Pompei. They were selling fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh squeezed lemonade with those huge Sorrento lemons. Three Euros (about $3.75) a pop didn’t make them cheap by any means, but they were exquisite.

We sipped on them overlooking the ruins of Pompei and alternated swigs with bites of Baci, Italy’s premier chocolate delight, formerly from Perugia (small town in Umbria where I went to school to learn Italian), now from Nestle. (Each Bacio (kiss) is wrapped with a sappy ”love note,” kind of like a fortune cookie.)

The sun was hot; the drinks were cold. It was a lovely indulgence.

During the trip we also had orange juice from Italian blood oranges. (Took us a while to figure out what that strange colored drink really was!)
When I lived there I remember them only being seasonal. I guess the sanguinose oranges are year-round, at least in bottles.
Another taste sensation was Limoncello a ubiquitous liquor made of lemons, sugar, and pure alcohol. We didn’t find that as tasty.