Best Mode of Transportation

Best Mode of Transportation
In ten days we took: 5 airplane flights, 8 trains, 2 trams, 3 funiculars, 8 subways, 6 boats, 2 gandolas, 12 buses, 2 hydrofoils, a taxi, a Segway, and a chairlift!

The best flight was the one from Detroit to Milan on a new Northwest jet with personal televisions and on-demand video entertainment—and that was in coach!

The best train was the Eurostar from Milan to Venice.

The best subway ride was in Rome (see below).

The strangest ride was on the Segway (see below). We happened to see it in the middle of the street and learned that it was a promotion for Aperol Sprizz, a kind of drink. Jen didn’t want to ride it and I didn’t want the drink, so she drank and I rode.

BUT, the tie for Best Ride is:

… the little traghetto we rode across the Grand Canal for € .50 (about $.65) which makes it the cheapest gondola ride on the planet. Traghetti are used by the locals to get across the Grand Canal without having to use the more expensive and slower vaporetto (ferry boat).

You can either stand (you’re kidding, right?) or sit and you share the boat with whomever wants to cross. One boat goes back and forth continuously at each “stop” so there’s not much of a wait. There are several crossings along the canal.
And, the view is spectacular! You can’t get any closer to the water unless you were in it, which is not advisable.

…the chairlift up Monte Solaro for the views along the way and on top. (See Best View.) It was a beautiful day, there was a light breeze, and we quietly floated up the mountain over backyard gardens and small vineyards as descending tourists passed us looking as if they were suspended over the countryside by invisible armchairs.

Such choices!

These are short videos. Open and view one at a time, but be forewarned, they take a really long time to load, even with high speed connections, so be patient. If I knew how to shorten them, I would, but I don’t. (Sorry.)

Subway ride
Segway ride
(Yes, the video is sideways at times. That is NOT because my daughter was in the least bit inebriated, it just took us a while to figure out that you can’t turn the camera sideways to take videos like you can to take pictures.