Regine Beisel

Visiting my daughter in Nanjing, China I met her neighbour Carol Johnson (from Michigan), who showed me her collection of nice picture- quilts. Although I had made several traditional quilts, I had never seen Picture Play Quilts before! I was thrilled of these quilts and I decided immediately to make one.

Here it is, the coloured surfaces I doodled by machine, the white fabrics are hand- quilted. I called this quilt "Hanna and Felix," the names of my grand-children in Hamburg, and together with some painted playcards of the illustration of the details, with a selection of initial letters, the names of the portrayed members of our family and a little hourglass to use the quilt as play this will be a nice present, when I go to Hamburg for the next time.

Thanks to you and to Carol for this inspiration,
Regine Beisel
Düsseldorf, Germany

This quilt was made with the "Tiny Treasures" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.