Beautiful Basic Bindings for Beginners

<font color="#FF0000">NEW!</font> Beautiful Basic Bindings for Beginners
Learn how to make quilt bindings that are straight, even, fully-padded, and sharp at the corners. These are applied bindings, not backings brought around to the front. You will stitch the binding to the quilt by machine, then fold over the edge of the quilt and secured it by hand.

You will bind three mini-quilts you prepare at home, each with a different width binding. You will practice with bias and crosscut bindings, striped and solid fabric, and (time permitting) you will learn how to insert a "flange" to add pizzazz to the final edge of any quilt.

Supply List

  • Sewing machine you know how to operate with sewing machine manual. (Clean it before class.)

  • Walking or even-feed foot.

  • 3 mini "pretend" quilts, sandwiched and secured
    Quilt Top: 8" x 12"
    Batting: 10" x 14" (the thinner the better)
    Backing: 10" x 14"
    Spend absolutely the least amount of time creating the quilt sandwich as possible; this is not the focus of the class. Use fabric scraps (don't bother piecing). Color doesn't matter. Spray baste the layers, thread baste them, or quilt them. (No pin basting, please.)

  • 4 Fat Quarters for binding. Two should be solid, one should be a busy print, and one should be a narrow stripe that runs parallel to the selvage edge, not diagonal to it.
    (Do NOT cut fabric into strips.)

  • Matching thread for binding fabric (above).

  • Rotary ruler, cutter, and mat.

  • Seam ripper, sewing machine needles (size 80 or 90), hand sewing needle, thimble, straight pins or binding clips, favorite fabric markers, and small scissors.

Skill Level: Beginning, Intermediate

Duration: 6 hours

Size Limit: 25 students

Classroom Set-up: Outlets and elbow room appropriate for the number of students and as many irons as the circuit breaker will allow. At least two elevated rotary cutting stations. Two students per 8 foot table is sufficient IF students have access to additional space to rotary cut.