Dear Daisy,
My mom shared your October 2001 letter with me and I just had to let you know that I am sorry you had problems with traffic at school, but I know where you're coming from with that. I hate traffic, too. As a matter of fact, I hate traffic so much, I don't even like to ride in the car! It just seems like all those big vehicles are out to get me—especially the noisy ones.

That may have come from me being out in the streets by myself for a long time. I don't remember details real well, but I hear mom and dad talk about how skinny I was when they got me from the shelter. They say you could see every one of my ribs. And the shelter workers had said they had "fattened" me up! Mom and dad say those people just don't know "fat." I guess the dog they had before me was really fat when she died, but they loved her dearly any way (that's encouraging - just in case my metabolism changes in my old age). They waited a while after the old dog died before calling the shelter. Mom says when she called the shelter to ask if they had a miniature female dachshund available for adoption, the lady hesitated, then said no, not right now, but call back in two weeks. Mom sort of wondered about the conversation, but did what she was told and called back in two weeks. And guess what?! Yep, there was a female miniature dachshund available—ME! ( I guess when mom called the first time I was in that special area they call "quarantine," where I got poked and prodded and they stuck me with all those needles and all that fun stuff).

That was in 1992 when I was about 2˝ years old (so the vet says, since they couldn't locate my first parents to find out for sure). I am now getting gray around the snout, had back surgery in 1996, and occasionally have episodes where my arthritis and back problems slow me down, but most of the time I am fit as a fiddle and love to chase birds and squirrels and leaves falling from the trees (I am fast, even with my short little legs).

My mom says that when things don't always go the way we expect, even though we try hard to make them happen, "it was meant to be". I think that must be why you are back at Miss Ami's house and why I am with my mom and dad. I am sure you will love spending the rest of your life with Miss Ami and her family, just like I have with my family. My mom and dad and my two brothers and their wives just love me so much and I love them too. It was "meant to be".

Your friend,