Angel & Scooter
Dear Daisy,

My mom and dad just got home from vacation and mom found your newsletter about the ”Puppus Doggus” blocks. She thought it was such a cool idea that she hurried up and unpacked so she could get started right away. I snuck into the sewing room to help, but ended up chewing the plug off the vacuum cleaner instead. What a fuss! It’s not like she ever really USES it or anything!

Anyway, I thought she should make one that looks like me, and she wanted to do one in goofy colors so she did both.

About the buttons for the eyes—since I have one blue eye and one brown eye, the dog that looks like me has two different color eyes, too. It just wouldn’t be right not to.

I really like reading your letters—it’s the only time I get to sit at the computer. My paws usually get key happy so I don’t get invited up very often.

I love to look at your pictures. You have such an important job to do! I would like to be a therapy dog some day but I’ll have to stop wiggling so much, and that sounds like a pretty big order.

Anyway, Mom and Dad rescued me from a really bad place last November, and I like it here a lot. I have to share everything with my sort of cranky older sister, but we’re getting used to each other .She has only one eye and that one’s not very good so when we go for walks I walk on her blind side so she doesn’t get lost. It’s the least I can do.

PS: I’m the one on the right in the picture. My sister Scooter is on the left.