Allain, Juanita

Allain, Juanita
Hi Ami,

I made this quilt for my sister Florence. Last year we were checking out your site on Alzheimer's Art Quilts. She saw the Twisted Sisters quilts and said "It would be a great quilt to have." Since she is a non quilter and she is the only sister living near our mother and is the one who takes on the responsibility of making sure all her needs are taken care of, I bought your pattern and set about making it, just to tell her thanks for all she does for mom and I am glad she is my sister.

Next week I take a trip back home to Newfoundland, Canada to visit with my mom and sister. Sure hope she likes her quilt.

I used dark and light blues on an ecru background, and made it a truely twisted (half the blocks twisting one way and half the blocks twisting the other) and put the blocks on point. Centers are the 5" blocks folded, and I used four of the folded center blocks in the corners.

Got your pattern from: The Running Stitch Quilt shop, Ottawa, Canada.

Keep up the great work with the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. My mom is a resident on the Alzheimer's ward at Lakeside Seniors Home, Gander, NL, Canada.

Thank you,
Juanita Allain
Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada

This quilt was made with the Twisted Sisters Rotary Template & Pattern by Ami Simms.