Daisy's "Almost Free"
Screen Saver

Daisy's "Almost Free"<br>Screen Saver
Item# alfrescreens

Daisy’s Screensaver is FREE for 30 days. After 30 days you have to “register” it, but that part is easy. Just send a tax-deductible donation to Leader Dogs For The Blind. You decide how much to send. Send whatever you think it’s worth. You can even send MORE than you think it’s worth, but ANY amount will be appreciated. (Did I mention your donation is tax deductible?)

Use the screensaver free for 30 days while you decide. If you don’t send in your donation after 30 days, Daisy will come to your house and lick the screensaver off your hard drive. Not really; it just won’t work anymore and you can uninstall it.

Please be generous. 100% of your donation will go to Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Make your check payable to: LEADER DOGS FOR THE BLIND. Write your email address on the memo line of your check or on a piece of paper so Daisy can send the “registration code.”

Send your donation to:

Daisy’s Screensaver
Mallery Press, LLC
4206 Sheraton Drive
Flint, MI 48532

After we receive your donation Daisy will email the “registration code” so you will be able to use your Daisy Screensaver forever.

There’s just one more catch. The photographs are copyrighted. You may not share them with anyone for any reason without my permission, unless they’re looking over your shoulder as you watch the pictures on your computer. I’ve paid a licensing fee to produce this screensaver and I have the right to sell and distribute it. You don’t. If you violate the copyright or licensing agreement Daisy will leave a “present” in your yard. If you live really far away, we’ll have to mail it.

E-mail me if you have any questions. I don’t know much, but I’ll try to help.

Please note: this is a BIG screen saver. There are almost 70 fabulously cute pictures of Daisy. Depending on your internet connection, it could take a LONG time to download. Get it started and go sew a block or something. ENJOY!

Interested in making your own screensaver? (If I can do it, so can you!) Head on over to www.allersoft.com and check out their All Star Screen Saver Tool Kit-Standard Edition #5056 for $24.99. (If you want to make copies to distribute and/or sell, that’s the Power Edition #5057 for $69.99.) If you decide to purchase either one (or anything else from AllerSoft) if you write the word DAISY in the NOTE section when you order AllerSoft will donate 5% of the cost of your order to Leader Dogs For The Blind! How about THAT?! Way to go AllerSoft!