Book Delivery

Under the Amish Center Diamond quilt that hangs in our foyer is a trap door in the floor.

When the room was added I had the cement guy put a "hole" in the floor so we could access what used to be the old basement window. Part of an old conveyer belt I purchased (thinking one day I would find a use for it) hooks onto a "trapeze" mounted from the basement rafters just below the window. The other end of the "wheelie thing" (sorry to get so technical) is secured to a second trapeze about 10 feet away. We put an 8 foot table at the end.

The printing company ships the books in a small truck. The driver offloads the boxes into the foyer.

Whichever Mallery Press employee is working "the hole" grabs the box and pushes it through the hole onto the conveyer belt.

Gravity takes over from there. In the case of Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece that's 39 and a half pounds of books hurtling down toward Employee #2 who has to stop the box before it crashes onto the table. That lucky employee also has to haul the box over to a shelf. (See why I work "the hole?")

If we run out of shelves (it happens) we stack the book boxes on palettes. That's Debbie leaning over, resting. It will take her several hours to straighten back up again. (Just kidding.)

Madison supervises.

After the delivery, the foyer goes back to normal. The trap door is put back, it's covered by a chunk of extra carpet, and a pretend heating grate closes the rest of the hole.

And we're ready to find every book a new home while bringing us one step closer to an Alzheimer's cure.